Bulk Salt

If you can handle 20 to 24 tons of loose material, bulk White salt or enhanced—is an excellent option to keep paved areas safe in icy conditions. With depots located in Indiana (Indianapolis, Aurora, Jeffersonville, Burns Harbor), Louisville, KY, and Chicago, IL, the trucking company we depend on can usually deliver within 24 hours.

Bulk Rock Salt vs. Bulk Enhanced

Enhanced salt is treated with either calcium or magnesium. When blended, treated salt becomes more powerful, works faster and is more effective than mere salt alone, which means you may need 20% to 30% less product. Using less salt decreases environmental damage, corrosion to concrete, and limits the harm to other surfaces.

Rock Salt

Rock salt is an economical product for deicing roadways and sidewalks. The most important variable of a deicer’s effectiveness is not air temperature, but pavement temperature. Rock salt—sodium chloride aka NaCl—has remained an industry standard due to its ability to melt ice at temperatures down to -6°F. That’s why rock salt continues to be an effective deicer in many U.S. locations throughout most of the winter season. Our bulk highway salts meet all ASTM specifications.
Bulk Depo Locations:
Louisville, KY
Jeffersonville, IN
Aurora, IN
Chicago, IL
Indianapolis, IN
Burns Harbor, IN

Contractor's Melt

A high performance, treated rock salt, Contractor's Melt is one of the best values in pre-treated deicers available. Contractor's Melt is treated with a calcium liquid to lower the freezing point to -20°F, as well as eliminate the bounce usually associated with applying dry rock salt. It also has an orange color and corrosion inhibitor.
Bulk Depo Locations:
Lemount, IL


ClearLane is an enhanced deicer available in bulk truckloads. The product is rock salt treated with liquid magnesium chloride, a corrosion inhibitor and a coloring agent. The liquid treatment reduces deicing materials costs, as well as lessens its impact on the environment and corrosion to application equipment.
Bulk Depo Locations:
Louisville, KY
Indianapolis, IN
Burns Harbor, IN

Bulk Comparison Chart

LabelBulk SaltCargill ClearlaneContractor's Melt Bulk
Bulk SaltCargill ClearlaneContractor's Melt Bulk
Minimum OrderTruck Load 20-25 tonsTruck Load 20-25 tonsTruck Load 20-25 tons
Working Temperature5° F-15° F-20° F
Tracer ColorN/AGreenOrange
Calcium ChlorideYes
Magnesium ChlorideYes
Sodium ChlorideYesYesYes
Corrosion InhibitorYesYes