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About Indiana Salt Supply



Regional Salt Supply is a leading Distributor in both bulk and bagged rock salt distribution throughout the Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio and other Midwest States. Located in Bloomington Indiana, We supply Contractors, Landscapers, Municipalities and business throughout the Midwest. And understand that forecast are not always accurate-creating indecision when ordering. We know from our locations you can count on Family Salt to ensure reliable Delivery for all you orders. We are dedicated to delivering long-term customer satisfaction by providing our clients with the highest customer Service. We will work with you in recommending products that will meet you specific needs. We also have the experience to make planning, delivery, storage easy for you.

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Bag Salt

We offer a wide verity of bag salt solution depending on your specific needs. Each product is different in many ways depending on your needs. Differences include melting point, melting speed, price, and environmental friendliness. Remember the most important variable of a deicer’s effectiveness is not air temperature but pavement temperature, many product work at different temperatures depending on your needs and location. Each link below explains the each product below.

Rock Salt/Halite (Download the Brochure PDF)

Sodium chloride melts ice at temperatures down to its eutectic point of -6° F (-21° C).Halite is a efficient and economical choice for snow removal on parking lots, bridges and roadways.
Blended Deicers (Download the Brochure – PDF)

Blends are Sodium, magnesium, calcium chloride, and potassium all blended together to work at different temperate ranges Also environmentally friendly blends available with CMA.

Treated Rock Salt (Download the Brochure – PDF)

ProSlicer is a high performance, treated rock salt. Mega Melt™ ProSlicer is one of the best values in pre-treated Deicers Available Pre-treated with a liquid deicer, ProSlicer lowers rock salt’s freezing point to -20 and iss also treated with a carbohydrate that reduces corrosion

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride Can be in either pellet or flake it works down to -25 and across a wider temperature range. are some of the most effective products for use during extreme climate conditions.

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Bulk Deicing Products

For those that can handle 20-24 tons of lose material bulk is a excellent option. With depots located in Indianapolis IN, Chicago  Il, Cincinnati I Ohio and Louisville KY, Owensboro  KY, Ohio Most of our deliveries will be made within 48 hours, weather it is 1 load or 10 loads Below is the two products in bulk

SnowSlicer™ working temp -15
Bulk Pre-wet Enhanced Deicer
Melts fast, lasts long
A pre-wet enhanced deicer. It contains a blend of naturally- occurring crystal and liquid ice melt products, plus a unique purple coloring that makes it highly visible.
The combination of a high-performance, liquid deicer and a blend of
Fine and coarse crystal that results in a unique product that melts fast, lasts long and
Performs better.

Bulk Rock Salt working temp 5
Rock salt is the most cost-effective deicing product available for removing snow and ice.

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